Big UK renewable co.s fight it out


Ecotricity founder Dale Vince

In a recent turn of events, two of the major giants in Britain’s renewable energy market have gone into a war of sorts.

The end of which might see one of the giants take over business from the other. The interesting bit lays in the fact that the methods in play are less than dubious for that matter.

Good Energy Is set to shut down the plan by Ecotricity to infiltrate the board, garnered from the fact that the competitor in question, Ecotricity, in the recent past bought a large sum of shares in the company.

The shares in question….

Late last year, Ecotricity under the ownership of Dale Vince acquired a huge stake of the shares in Good energy.

In a release to the press, Ecotricity confirmed that they had acquired an additional 3.1 million shares in Good Energy which raised their share from 5.58% to a whopping 24.85%.

This places them in a position which would if exploited enable them to take over their competitor’s business by far.

At the time however, Ecotricity chose to remain mum over the issue and in an interview with Clean Energy News, said it only saw an opportunity to help a fellow giant whose major stake holder had opted out.

About last month, Dale made claim to board membership and rightfully so with his percentage of the shares.

Together with Simon crowfoot, an executive in Ecotricity, they aim at being non-executive board members at Good Energy.

This, from the perspective of Good Energy, is simply a backdoor way for the Ecotricity executives to gain unfair advantage over their competitors.

While this may not be their aim, it goes without saying that having a presence at the board discussions of your competitors gives you an edge at beating them in the long run.

While the deal is yet to be completed, it makes almost no sense considering both the companies seem to be veering of what is important here.

These two giants have for a while been the biggest supplies of all forms of renewable energy to the Britain market.

While business remains for profit, their upper hand and top most priority should be geared towards ensuing the market stability and reliability remains key.

Interestingly, the court battle follows a recent win by Vince in the courts after his former wife attempted to win maintenance from him.

Green power takeover trend

This seems to be the trend world over with multi-billion dollar company, AES, based in the United States acquiring sPower, a renewable energy company based in California and North Carolina.

While these are just some 0f the business ventures in the world of energy, it calls to question exactly what the main goal is in the production and long-term stability of the industry.

In other news, the field of green technology is facing major competition from such giant companies as Apple, and HP have for years undermined the development of green technology by making and creating devices which cannot be easily repaired or dismantled in a bid to continually develop the industry and manufacturing of new phones.

How the conspiracy works is this, Apple makes millions of dollars every month from the manufacture and sell of new iPhone.

This explains why there is launch if new phones and new modes every so often which often have but slight improvement in terms of size alone or a higher notch of Ios system.

Every single model of iPhone is made in a way that it is almost impossible to DIY separate the individual parts of the phones.

From creating complex closed spaces to sticking batteries beneath layers and layers of essential parts, it is almost impossible to make an iPhone last longer.

As a matter of fact, the makers of iPhone ensure that all repairs can be done either b them or by their outlets.

In most cases, there are people who are asked to trade in their 2 year old phones for new ones .a recent report by verge categorically explains that the iPhone is the best example of this practice.

Their wastefulness stems from the fact that their devices are basically impossible to repair.

Ranging from features like weirdly placed screws, unibody designs and other techniques which make it impossible to have any other designer repair it other than the owners of Apple.

While this practices are not necessarily illegal, they don’t specifically fall in the ethical category of what is what in the green technology world.

As long as the demand for iPhone is high, there will be an excessively high number of technological waste.

What does the future hold if major companies who can impact our environment in a positive way have the ability to but have environment departments that are inactive to the point they would classify as non-existent.

Green technology is deeply embedded in increasing the re-use while increasing the longevity of devices already in use.

This reduces the risk of damaging the environment using the refuse that comes from the damage to already existent devices.

By reducing reparability, and reducing longevity, this companies ensure there is continual manufacture and continual destruction of phones. While their profits increase, our environment goes into a continual state of destruction.

The report believes that the tech teams in this company will intrinsically decide to keep their phones and laptops remain irreparable while others will simply make them more damage easy.

They tend to remain above the green technology rules while in the background they maintain methods that work in their favor.


Technology was once and still is perceived as one of the gateways to the future and to achieving of our goals.

The main way the longevity and sustainability of green energy can be achieved is if the companies and all the people in play made a conscious effort to overlook profit, personal and corporate gain all for the survival of our environment.

This then calls to question the kind of drama marring the different companies that provide green energy to the world super powers.

With instabilities, the only one who gets to lose is posterity who will get to live in a world that is hotter than a furnace with plenty of waste lands that will be filled with waste of all kind including technological waste.

Well, the end probably justifies the means but in this case does it?

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